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5 Tips to Save Money with Coupons

It should come as no surprise that there is a slight obsession with getting tips to save money through coupon shopping in America.  It makes sense, since Americans are trying to spare money wherever they can, and when it comes to food any money you can save is big money.  There’s even a reality show dedicated to giving tips to save money, called Extreme Couponing, and in 2013, Americans used 2.8 billion coupons on packaged goods.

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Obviously we don’t all have enough free time be going through countless daily newspapers and circulars, nor to cut endless coupons out of said papers, and then organize them in alphabetical order in a binder.  And most people certainly don’t have enough extra time to stand in the checkout line, arguing with checkers about what’s expired and how many coupons you can combine for one thing.

For those of us with the typical amount of free time (that being not much), there are tips to save money when you’re shopping.  If you’re just a casual coupon user, try these easy tips to save money:

Look through your Mail

Those bundles of ads you find in your mailbox aren’t just useful for potty training your puppy.   Most dedicated coupon shoppers prefer using paper coupons that they received in the mail.  They’re more appealing than the digital alternative, because they are often sent from the consumer’s favorite stores.

It’s not hard to get on a mailing list for your favorite retailers.  Common coupon supplying stores are Express; Bed, Bath & Beyond; and Home Depot.  The next time you find yourself shopping at one of your favorite stores, simply ask a salesperson to be added to their coupon mailing list.  Alternatively, you can often do this on the store’s website.

Become a Digital Coupon Expert

Clipping coupons isn’t one of the only tips to save money.  Digital coupons are becoming very popular, and many retailers are starting to provide them.  These coupons can be retrieved immediately, and can be sent to your email or straight to your smartphone.  20% of coupon consumers would prefer to get their coupons on their phones instead of any other methods.

The popularity of the digital coupon stems simply from its accessibility.  Ask most shoppers, and they’ve probably brought their phone with them to the store.  It’s so easy to pull out your smartphone while you’re getting rung up, to bring up any applicable coupons.  Once the checker scans the barcode on your phone, you have instant savings.

Check out your favorite store’s website to see if they offer digital coupons.  You may even receive an additional bonus for signing up for their mailing list; sometimes retailers provide additional percentages off your next purchase in exchange for your information.

Sign Up for the Card

You’ve probably heard of frequent shopper cards, but did you know a lot of these involve programs to discount merchandise and deliver savings to the customer?  There are over 2 billion loyalty programs for a wide range of products and services, like groceries, cafes, pet supplies, and hotel stays.

The discounts you can get with these membership cards can be major, and you can also be getting points while you shop with your favorite retailer.  When you shop often enough, you can use your points for purchases you’ll make in the future.  Some of the best known rewards cards are from Starbucks, Walgreens, and Macy’s.

Coupon Codes

By regularly checking the best coupon sites, you could be getting free shipping, Buy One Get One deals, and large percentages off your purchases.  Be sure to check your tips to save money before you skip to the checkout button.  Here are some sites to look through:


This is the most widely used coupon website.  It breaks the coupons into different groups and keeps an updated list of valuable promotional codes to use when shopping online.


There are a range of coupon types at this site, including printable, online codes, and coupons for grocery stores.  They also provide a tool so that you can keep track of how much you’ve been saving with your coupons.


This great site will make it so you won’t have to pay for shipping when shopping online ever again.  Get shipping deals from over 800 well-known retailers.

Use Your Apps

There are even smartphone apps that will do all the work for you.  Here are some apps that you can bring up while you’re out shopping and looking for a deal:

Coupon Sherpa

You can download this for iPhone or Android, and you’ll be able to search for coupons by category, or for exact items.


Similar to the website mentioned above, find deals from your favorite stores and even get notified when new offers are added to your inbox.

ShopSavvy and RedLaser

Scan a barcode and find out if you’re getting the best possible deal.

With all these tips to save money there’s no excuse not to become a coupon addict!