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Getting Married? Ways on How to Save Money on Weddings

Weddings can prove to be quite nerve wrecking when planning them and more so, when funding them! You of course, want a great wedding but nowadays, you have to devise a plan on how you can save money on weddings because if it is coming out of your pocket, it is more than likely that you will have to kiss your whole savings goodbye.

So how do you keep from spending more than you have to?

Well, let us discuss the ways.

Save Money on Weddings

1) Getting married outdoors

Look for a beautiful area in your community to hold your wedding. There are a lot of parks that are in abundance of nature’s beauty where you can have the ceremony, especially in the summer. You can have your neighborhood workshop build a nice, temporary gazebo that will not cost you much. Later on you can have it decorated with ribbons and anything that will give it the ‘wedding glow.’

A little creativity will go a long way. Create scenery that is breathtaking and magical. It is going to cost you nothing.

2) Get your buddies and family to help with the wedding

This is a great way to save money, for both you and your family. You can:-

  • Ask one of your relatives to plan the entire wedding for less than an actual wedding planner would charge you. A wedding planner is very expensive and this can help to save money on weddings.
  • Recruit your younger nephews or nieces, cousins to decorate, under your supervision.
  • Find out if one of your friends can sing or DJ in the wedding, instead of bringing in the professional costly ones. Of course, they have to be good.
  • Have friends drive you to and from the wedding, instead of hiring a chauffeur.

3) Hold the wedding in one place

For both the exchanging of vows and reception, have them all in one venue. This is cost effective. There are many places that offer that kind of arrangement with an attractive discount. It is an ideal way to save money on weddings.

If you by chance, do not like the one venue idea, then get a restaurant that will give you a great deal. Some restaurants even go to great lengths to decorate the place for you, at no extra cost.

4) Search for great hotel deals

To save money on weddings, you have to look for hotel deals that will accommodate the relatives that may be coming out of town.

i.            Also, you can save a bundle by doing makeup and dressing up at your own place or at a friend’s house.

ii.            Instead of hiring a hair and makeup artist, do your own hair and makeup.

5) Go for ‘second hand’ shopping

Not everything good is considered brand new. There are a lot of items for the wedding you would find in vintage shops or thrift shops and are lots cheaper.

Consider taking a stroll down a long line of shops that sell wedding items and you might find a decoration or table that might suit with your idea of the theme that has been selected for the wedding, by you and your significant other. It is another great way to save money on weddings.

6) Stay ‘well connected’

Prior to the wedding, make sure you have connections with various places so that when it comes to negotiating price, they already know who you are.

To save money on weddings, Refer people to catering services, card printing services, or you would cunningly work for a printing service that will give you the lowest discount rates when you print out your wedding invitations.

7) Invite minimal Guests

I know, you would want to invite each and everyone that knows you, but if you don’t want to see a dent in your pocket, then minimal guests will do. Invite those that are necessary to invite and don’t feel bad if you leave some out.

After all, not all 500 guests are close friends. Save money on Weddings by cutting the guest list in half. As a matter of fact, smaller crowds are easier to control.

Putting money in the bank all year round is the way to go.


All in all, the best way to save money on weddings is to SAVE. When you finally decide to say ‘I do’, from then henceforth, start saving your money in every way you can. Open up a savings account that will only fund your wedding, to make the challenge more interesting and motivating. It may prove to be hard at times, but hey, you got to try.

Always keep in mind that the main focus is the wedding. Even if you want to save, don’t jeopardize a good wedding just because of money.