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Great Apps to Use to Save Money on Dining Out

Dining out can make for a very enjoyable experience. You can do it with your family, with your friends, or even by yourself. However, a great experience can turn into one that was very expensive and leave you needing to work double time to make up for the funds that you should not have spent in the first place. No one should ever be forced to never dine out because of being on a budget. Instead, you should consider using ways that can help you to save money on dining out. Continue reading for great apps that you can use to save money on dining out.

Save Money on Dining Out

According to Research

According to a survey conducted by Visa, in 2013 there was an average spending amount of over $900 on Americans spending money on lunch outings. That is a lot of money to be spent on lunch, so it is definitely a huge increase for Americans who have dined out for dinner because dinner time is usually the time restaurants increase serving size as well as the price for those larger dishes. That dollar amount also only includes the main dish and does not include any dining extras like appetizers, drinks, and dessert. The majority of Americans use a mobile device and fortunately, those mobile devices can be the help you need to save money on dining out.

How to Save Money on Dining Out

Mobile devices come with the ability to download mobile applications to be used for your benefit. One of those benefits is to save money on dining out, but what apps should you use? There are many apps available that will claim to help you save money on dining out. Below is a list of the best ones to use to help you to save money on dining out.

Deal News

The first way to save money on dining out is to use the Deal News app. This apps will give you the best local restaurants that offer the best deals for you. Not only will you gain access to great restaurants, but you will also find deals for bars, cafes, and breweries.

Scout Mob

This app is run by big city dwellers that will help you to find any elite restaurant and offer you great deals to enjoy. Not only will you get great deals with this app, but you will also receive restaurant recommendations that are related to your recent searches or your previously used deals.


This app will give you access to a variety of interesting restaurants and great deals that will encourage you to try them out. This app provides you with coupons that will discount a single meal or discount the meals for an entire group. Groupon also gives special deals depending on the length of time that you use the app.


Not only does the Yelp app give you great deals on different restaurants that you can enjoy, it also provides you with unbiased reviews on new restaurants that you have never tried. Most of the deals given by this app will allow you to decrease the cost of your meal by a few dollars.

Living Social

This app is similar to Groupon in that you can access pretty much any restaurant to see if there is a special deal or discount to be used. This app also gives you access to restaurants from different areas which is great to use when you are traveling to a new area.

Bite Hunter 

As its name suggests, this app hunts from the best deals and discounts at restaurants and any other type of dining out establishment. You can even make your dinner purchase with this app and take advantage of any deals before you arrive at the restaurant.


Using this app will get rid of the need to print off coupons. You will have top access to deals and discounts for a number of restaurants. The app can be used on your personal computer or on your mobile device.

A Few More Notes 

Some of the apps listed above are free to download and use. Others may require a small fee in order to take advantage of great deals. Although the free apps may be more appealing, paying a small fee to save money on dining out is worth it. Keep in mind that some restaurants may not acknowledge deals, discounts, and coupons that are uploaded onto an app. It is a good idea to call ahead to ask if the deal will be accepted. It is also recommended to inform you waiter or waitress at the restaurant when you will be using a discount from one of the apps.

Dining out does not have to be expensive if you use one of the available apps that can help you to save money on dining out.