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Should You Spend Your Money Or Your Time?

Everyone has heard the old saying that “time is money”. What this means depends on who you ask.

  • If you make good investments, over time, you will earn more money.
  • Wasting time is like wasting money.
  • Time spent doing things you don’t enjoy is gone forever.

If you spend your time, rather than your money, you may miss opportunities do things you love. If you spend your money rather than your time, you lose the chance to save for the future.


When you first become an independent adult, you usually don’t have much money, and have no choice but to spend your time. As you progress in your career, however, you gain the ability to choose to spend your money or your time. It’s up to you to decide when you want to do a job yourself and when you want to hire a professional to do it for you.

How should you make the decision to spend your money or your time?

If You Don’t Have the Money to Spend, Spend Time

If you are low on funds, this is a very easy choice, because it’s not much of a choice at all. You can do things yourself, or do without them. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can use the opportunity to learn new skills and become more self-sufficient. And in the end, you may enjoy your new skill so much that it becomes a hobby. Nowadays, there are more resources for learning skills than ever before. With YouTube alone, you can learn everything from knitting to building an igloo. The internet is full of tutorials and tips for any project, and if computers aren’t your thing, there are still libraries.

Spend Time Instead Of Money to Experience New Things

You can find excitement in learning new things, even simple home improvement jobs. Don’t think that for something to be fun, it needs to be extreme like bungee jumping or mountain climbing. Creating or fixing something with your own hands provides a great feeling of satisfaction.

Acquiring a new skill adds to your unique charm, and, depending on the skill, your resume!

Spend Time to Teach Someone You Care About a New Skill

Spending your time instead of your money is especially important with children and grandchildren. Teaching someone you love a new skill is very satisfying for both parties. You will create a closer bond, and experience the joy of sharing your experience and knowledge. The person you teach gets to enjoy a hands-on learning experience, and will always treasure the memories of time spent with you.

Spend Time Instead Of Money on Tasks You Enjoy

Don’t pay someone to do things you love to do. Filling your life with pleasant experiences doesn’t exclude things that must be done, if you like doing them. Fixing something in your home brings beauty back to that object, which many people find very enjoyable. Doing your own yard work helps you get more exercise, and lets you spend more time outside in the fresh air.

Spend Money If Spending Time Cuts into Profitable Work

If doing a project yourself means taking time off of work that you cannot afford, it is better to hire someone else to do it. This can also apply to things that profit you emotionally rather than financially. If it is very important to you to help with a local charity, feel free to hire someone for household tasks so you have more free time.

Spend Money When Time Can’t Give You the Necessary Expertise

Some skills take a very long time to learn, and cannot be acquired by self-instruction, and other skills require expensive specialized tools. Unless you have a job performing these tasks, it is better to pay someone to do them for you. For example, it would be foolish to buy expensive tools to do a one-time repair on your car.

Spend Money If Your Safety Is At Risk

Many household projects can become safety hazards and should only be tackled by professionals. Things like rewiring a home, removing hazardous materials, or tree trimming and removal, should be left to the experts. Attempting to do these projects yourself could have you wasting your time and money in the hospital.

Deciding to spend your money or your time doesn’t have to be an agonizing choice. If you don’t have money, spend time, and use the experience to gain new skills, and maybe discover new talents. If you enjoy a project, spend your time, not your money, and create fond memories teaching family and friends. If a project requires years of training and specialized equipment, spend your money, and the same goes for household projects that may be dangerous.