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Gold vs. Platinum AmEx Card

When you have an American Express card, it doesn’t really matter what flavor it is. Whether it’s Gold or Platinum, there’s a sense of prestige and assurance instantly available to the card’s holder. The temptation of credit is evident with these cards, but not so much the debt, so what’s the big deal about AmEx cards, and when you measure the Gold vs. the Platinum AmEx card, how does each stack up? Most importantly, how do you tell which is the credit card for you?

Gold vs. Platinum AmEx Card

Gold vs. Platinum AmEx Card

Here are some things to consider when comparing Gold vs. Platinum AmEx Cards:

  • Yearly cards and fees
  • Point systems
  • Insurance options provided and types of protection available
  • Benefits

In the Gold vs. Platinum AmEx Card decision, it has to be understood that both cards have fees. This includes an annual fee of over a hundred dollars, the Platinum card is actually just under $500. It can’t be ignored that those prices add up over time. When choosing one of these cards, the best one will ultimately end up being the one with the most attractive features attached, so that these fees are worth their price.

With the Gold AmEx, there is no fee the first year, but every year following, you’ll have to pay $125. Certain points are acquired for your commitment, however. Both cards earn you points depending on how much you spend and whenever you book through the AmEx website. So, the more you spend, the more you win.

It’s also important to delve into what kinds of insurance is available when considering Gold vs. Platinum AmEx Card. Each card covers a certain amount a damage or loss when concerning rental cars. They also insure hundreds of thousand dollars in accidents when you’re traveling, so that means more perks for you can receive, like baggage replacement as well as hotel room security. These features fall into place as extra coverage, so you can travel with no problems. This protection also extends to purchases made with the AmEx cards. It’s best to compare the extent of coverage and also, the length of time that certain coverage plans extend until when choosing which in Gold vs. Platinum AmEx Cards. If you’re willing to pay more, the benefits will greatly increase.

More Benefits with Platinum 

While the cards are fairly the same in terms of protection, only varying in the amount of coverage, there are some very prominent differences between the Gold vs. Platinum AmEx cards. Highlighting the Platinum card for a bit, it’s worth note that with this card, there’s traveling benefits that are exclusive to its members. For instance, the lack of any airline fee up to $200 as well as the the access to Delta’s private lounge within the airport. These cardholders also are allowed the option of Priority Pass to lounges in airports all over the world. To obtain these perks with a Gold AmEx card, it’d cost you a pretty penny, so it’s vital to really weigh your options to see if these benefits ends up paying for themselves with the cards’ fees or if you come out ahead in some way.

If you find yourself in another country, the Platinum AmEx card doesn’t charge you an additional foreign transaction interest fee. Also, depending on where you travel, there’s free wireless through Boingo with the Platinum card purchase and through a partnership with the government, Platinum cards offer something called Global Entry. This allows Platinum AmEx cardholders a speedy screening and even offer reimbursements for signing up for this feature. If you’re someone that travels internationally quite a bit, it seems like an even choice when stacking up Gold vs. Platinum AmEx cards.

Along with these amazing benefits, there’s also corresponding enrollment with the Starwood Hotel’s Preferred Guest- Gold status, so the Platinum cardholders get a 5-star treatment with little hassle involved. Like this elevated status in hotels, Platinum membership also gets you an elevated access to private events, like Super Bowl and California vacations. Cardholders get million dollar perks. They can live lavishly on vacation, even when they’re not on vacation, because Platinum AmEx offers a heightened lifestyle with discounts on private jets, limo rentals, and aid when placing reservations at the best restaurants around the globe.

The Negatives

The points don’t add up. If you’re the person that equates value to the point rewarding system, it really doesn’t matter which card you choose. Gold and Platinum cards offer points per dollar amount of purchase, however, they don’t offer many point, and it seems to take forever for them to accumulate to something of value.

The American Express Gold card with upgraded features is the one you might be looking for if you want to build on the points system. In fact, it’s designed to work for points and focuses on reward card management. It is more expensive than the standard Gold AmEx, but it gives you many more points and offers better  discounts when you make a lot of gas and grocery expenses.

When it comes down to it, you have to seriously evaluate your needs and what benefit works for your lifestyle. American Express cards could be worth their fees in their many benefits and the prestige of being one of their cardholders.